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    Free desktop wallpaper that helps you keep your icons organized. Download the .psd or use a pre-made jpg files.
Hi. I'm Scott. I am a graphic designer, photo editor, web designer, all that good stuff. I am an organized person... not as much in real life, but I like to keep my computer organized. This is my solution to keeping things tidy on my desktop. A wallpaper that works in conjunction with the desktops view options settings.
Photoshop files can be downloaded HERE
Simply download the image, and select it as your background. Now in order for the icons to line up all nice like, you have to adjust your View Options. You can do this by right clicking on the desktop, select show view options. That's it!
I like keeping the things I know will always be on my desktop to the left of my screen. Usually the harddrives, network shares, folders I use in automated process etc. I leave the far right of my screen open for files that come and go like screen shots and downloads.

Here is a screen shot of my wallaper on any given day: