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Motion Graphics
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In a time when we’ve learned to stretch our homes into offices, the family gathering area, a cool cultural events space, and even the late-night local, it’s crucial to love the space we’re in. So with all of the money that we’re not spending on trips, events, and the outside world due to Covid, we can upgrade our apartments for a bigger and better all-purpose living space – maybe even one that includes a balcony.
Agency Fuego Camina Conmigo asked us to direct this online campaign to visually transmit the idea that our Covid losses can be transformed into life gains with the help of 
While we’re brought between two very different worlds by the transitions of each video, we chose one element in each scenario to remain the same: the curtains of the music festival seamlessly convert into curtains that open to your new balcony, the car that you used to commute in everyday effortlessly changes into the toy car that you and your daughter play with, and the nature that you explore on a trip magically become the house plants that bring life into your home. These match cut elements reinforce that the transitions are the protagonists, which also comes in contrast with the deconstructed aesthetic of the surrounding characters and background.

We drew these secondary elements as simplified shapes to highlight the transition between the two worlds. A line that, say, represents the arm of a character in the first world will help build the background of the next, playing a new role in setting the scene – while keeping its original shape. This style allows us to mix both worlds together in a whimsical way without compensating the realism of the characters. In fact, we chose to compliment these magical transitions with realistic so that the viewer is given a chance to understand and empathize with their journey between worlds. 
 Animatic < Animation < Clean up & Composition
Making a 360 change in life has never felt so easy.

Character & Look Development 

We started with the corporate color palette but decided to add texture to it to create a sense of warmth that is supported by the choice of music and illustration style, achieving the cozy comfort that has become indicative with creating a home that you love. ​​​​​​​
Directed and Produced by Device

Agency: Fuego Camina Conmigo
Creative Direction: Nuria Pujol, Uri Fernandez (FCC)
Producer: Iria C.Martinez (FCC)
Script: Pita Gan (FCC)
Director: Pol Solà
Project Manager: Victoria Ventura
Illustrator: Eudald Salarich
Storyboard: Gianluca Patti
Lead Animator: Eudald Salarich
Cel Animation: Karol Szczepankiewicz, Juan Huarte, Eudald Salarich, Gianluca Patti
Clean-Up: Margarita Rojas, Gianluca Patti, Eudald Salarich
Edit & Compositing: Pol Solà
Music & Sound Design: Mount Wave Music
Voice-Over: Michael Langsner – A better home
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Device Audiovisual – A better home