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    Constructed as a critique on religion in debates during the 2012 presidential election.
This piece started as I listened to election coverage and debates during the 2012 presidential election.  Often I would have the radio or television on as background noise in the car or studio and I would pick up on certain things here or there.  I noticed that I would perk up every time there was a mention of religion in these political talks.  I began thinking about how they are or are not separated and how they influence each other.
WIth the face-plate removed, the simple electronic assembly can be seen.  Porcelain light sockets and threaded hollow lamp pipe are safe, simple and clean.  
This piece is intended to be clean and simple, powdercoating was the best option to obtain a perfect color and application.  
Now, with the lights turned on.  Compact fluorescent bulbs were used to keep energy consumption low and it provides a pure, bright light.
I was on the lookout for a perfect chain-pull for the switch.  My friend ended up finding the ideal piece.