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Coca-Cola: Spillin' n' Fillin'

Coca-Cola wanted an evergreen design. Something that was Coke-centric eye candy and could be played on the board at any time of the year.

It would be displayed at one of the world's most iconic and instantly recognizable places of all time: 'Times Square' in New York City.

Hundreds of artists have worked for Coca-Cola over the years, and pretty much everything seems to have been done in some way, shape or form. So, to come up with something new and minimalistic is an extremely challenging task.

I like the idea of creating loops when making short pieces. So I got myself thinking what can I make when I put together all the Coke elements: the Coke's dynamic ribbon, the classic bell glass, the vintage logo, the two-colored straw, and the relationship between liquid and ice. 

I always like to present a range of ideas so I try to go anywhere from cool to weird. I tried to make a Coke-filled pool that is shaped like the bottle of coke, a hypnotic trippy loop of Coke bottle, and a weird factory that has hands holding Coke going in a series which other set of hands coming in, opening the bottle, and putting a straw in it.

Here are some of the ones that did not make it to the production stage but are still worth mentioning. These were all created in Illustrator/Photoshop for the purpose of approval.

Eventually we settled on this version which had the maximum number of iconic things all rolled into one cool loop and wasn't too weird.

Since the board also has side display panels, we made an alternate version which fit the narrow dimensions.

I saw people having fun taking pictures with it so I had to include their happy faces here as well. Cheers!

GOLD ADDY® Award 2021 [National]
The Coca-Cola Company - Times Square, NYC [OOH Campaign]

SILVER ADDY® Award 2021 [Atlanta]
The Coca-Cola Company - Times Square, NYC [Super-Sized, Extension / Dimensional, Digital or Animated – Single Unit]

Client: Coca-Cola
Agency: KO:OP [In-House Agency at The Coca-Cola Company]
Group Director: Heather Bell
Account Director: Beth Gustafson
Executive Creative Director: Taylor Crawford
Art Director: Dheeraj Govindraju
Production: Giant Ant
Coca-Cola: Spillin' n' Fillin'