5th place in MOFILM Lollapalooza - Coldwell Banker: http://www.mofilm.com/competitions/lollapalooza-2013/
Featured in CB International Film Festival: http://films.coldwellbanker.com
Created, directed, shot, edited, color-graded and sound-designed by Mauricio Thomsen.
Photos: Renato Fontanari Thomsen
House: Elizabeth Thomsen
Sound-effects: Amanda Di Giorgio, Mauricio Thomsen and Di Giorgio family
People featured: Anne Thomsen, Gabriel Luca Nazar, Fernanda Luca Nazar, Claiton Nazar, Jaime Thomsen, Lourdes Maria Fontanari, Jorge Thomsen, Maria Isabel Thomsen, Gabriel Thomsen, Fábio Thomsen, Elaine Prass, Lúcia Prass Barcelos, Elizabeth Thomsen, Rubens Otto Prass, Luciana Prass.
Thank you Flora Di Giorgio, Pedro C. Di Giorgio, Pedro Di Giorgio, Lóise Di Giorgio, Jorge Di Giorgio, Margareth Di Giorgio, Henrique Weimar, Thais Di Giorgio, Alexandre Steinert, Kelly Di Giorgio.
Shot with a Canon 60D.
All audio recorded with a Zoom H4N.
Featured in the Coldwell Banker International Film Festival 2013
Making of