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    Greek Festival 2013 visuals.
Greekfestival is the biggest festival in Greece running from the 1950's and containing theatre, music, dance and visual arts. It lasts the whole summer season and it is separated into two "subfestivals", the Athens Festival and the Epidaurus Festival.
I made this year's visuals, including posters and lettering. There was a main illustration that was used in the common posters of "Athens and Epidaurus Festival", in greek and in english, as well as in all the visual adaptations of this year's events including the separate Athens Festival poster. The events took place in numerous places all over Athens, from classic, like Herodes Atticus Odeon to modern, like Piraeus 260 and Onassis Cultural Centre. The Epidaurus Festival illustration was used to promote the events that took place in the ancient theatre of Epidaurus.
The Festival itself is like a collage of shows, sounds, shapes, feelings etc. The challenge was to include all these in an image and stay true to the original meaning. Above and below the line between abstract and figurative I wanted to make compositions that yield the climate and character of the festivals. Forms and shapes roam around the titles and everyone can understand the visuals in his own way and make them his own, like in a show.
* EDIT * Happy to share that the Athens Festival poster is chosen to participate in the 24 International Poster Biennale in Warsaw biennale.postermuseum
Above, the programme of events(cover only by me) and below, facebook and website banners.
Photos from Herodes Atticus Odeon and Athens Metro by Sal and a big thanks to the whole Indyvisuals crew.
Thank you for watching!