Theatre for Young Audiences
Theatre for Young Audiences
“Director JackPaterson instead relies on the simple things that live theatre does best…aparticularly effective example of Paterson’s drive for artistic effectiveness…”
Peter Bernie, The Vancouver Sun
Carousel Theatre
The Hobbit
by J. R. R. Tolkien
Adapted by Kim Selody
Directed by Jack Paterson
Featuring Kristian Ayre, Stefano Giulianetti, JosueLaboucane, Tamara McCarthy, Parnelli Parnes, Luc Roderique, Craig Erickson andAshley Liu
Set by Al Frisk
Costumes by Jay Havens
Lighting by Itai Erdal with Jeff Harrison
Sound Design and Composition by Jeff Tymoschuk

2008- JessieRichardson Theatre Award Nominations:

Photos by Itai Erdal
“Carousel Hits a Homer”
Jo Ledingham, TheCourier
“…features a great cast under innovative director JackPaterson.”
Jerry Wasserman,The Province
“Director Jack Paterson has infused the evening with atremendous sense of fun…Highest praise: my eight-year-old companion talkedabout this show all night and well into the next day.”

Colin Thomas, The Georgia StraightCarousel Theatre
The Odyssey
adapted by John Murrell
Directed by Jack Paterson
Featuring Jackson Andrews, Lisa Bunting, Anthony F.Ingram, Teryl Rothery, Samantha Madely. Joshua Reynolds, Tobias Slezak (asOdysseus) and Allan Zynyk
Set by Al Frisk
Costumes by Barbara Clayden
Sound andComposition by Jeff Tymoschuk
Lighting Design by Darren Boquist.
Stage Managed by Danni Fecko
Jessie Richardson Theatre Award Nominations:
Photos by Tim Matheson
Theatre for Young Audiences