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    Restructuring and re implementation of The Life Project existing website
See project online: The Life Project
The Life project is Life coach Erica Sosna's website. It was attacked by hackers and she contacted me to fix some security issues. She also announced that was writing a book and wanted some structural changes on the site. So we put ourselves to it.
The hardest part of all was the uncertainty of what it ought to be. We tried with schemes and finally I set up an online wireframe system using moqups, so that we could interact with each other via sticky notes on boxes, to update decissions on content and layout structure.
Through a long iterative process, we found relatively painless solutions that were meant to transform the current site seamlessly, without any major structural changes, as the original site's architecture was notoriously complex and comprised almost two thousand files (unknown CMS).
We modified the front page, and changed the navigation structure, adding a few pages that explain Erica's workshops and a new system to book them.
She provided a nice review of my first job on LinkedIn, which can be seen on my LinkedIn profile @ Rocio Fatas