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    PCK - Polish Red Cross
    The basic mission of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent is to prevent and to alleviate human suffering and to protect human dignity, without discrimination as to nationality, race, sex, religion or political opinions.
    In order to fulfil its mission, the Red Cross and the Red Crescent mainly takes on the following actions:
    - Protecting life and health.
    - Ensuring respect for the human being, in particular in times of armed conflict and other emergencies.
    - Working for the prevention of disease and for the promootion of social welfare.
    - Encouraging voluntary service and being constantly ready to bring aid.
    - Building up a sense of universal solidarity towards all those in need of protection and assistance.
    Client: PCK Polish Red Cross

    Agency: Ars Thanea
    Creative&Design: Piotr Bajtała
    Design: Mateusz Karasiński
    Design: Michał Duszczyk
    Business Development: Tomasz Szymański
    Management: Piotr Bajtała
    iOS Developer: Tomasz Włodarczyk

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