So I got the Idea to make my own PS3 Theme after being bored with the one I've currently got, I rarely go on nowadays but It still annoys me.
This is the 1st background that I made with Raiden. Originally I was only going to have one background because I was feeling lazy. I added Raidens Weapons that he carries on him during MGS4 although I don't think you ever see him use the gun. The Image of Raiden was drawn by Yoji Shinkawa, and is one of my favourite pieces but then Shinkawas stuff is incredible.
Here's the one I made for Solid "Old" Snake, again using the main weapon set you see him with during cutscenes. I got the Idea and style from the cutscenes that explain about Nano Machines and of technical stuff linked to the story and tried to replicate it as close as I could, adding scanlines, loads of backgroud text, lots of boxes and stuff and also included some details about myself to make it look like a kind of profile page, after all it's just a personal theme.
This is a bonus BG I made because I really like the piece of Snake with Meryl and Raiden and couldn't not use it. In the Theme Builder I made it so this BG only comes up rarely compared to the other two, maybe it's a pointless idea but I thought I would be cool.
This is every single icon that I had to make. This process was painstakingly long, boring and tedious but I couldn't let it slip as I wanted to fully customise the Theme. I think there are some missing but I'm not too bothered about them, there are some I did do that I've never seen before.
Now the only problem is actually getting the Theme Builder to work... yep... I've gotten this far to find the last step is not running so well on Windows 8. Maybe I'll never get to use it. Maybe someone else steals this stuff and makes it for themselves... D:
I won't give up yet.
Thanks for Watching!