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Verizon Rewards Center

In 2020, Verizon launched its first credit card. With 4% back on gas and groceries, 3% back on dining, 2% back on Verizon products and 1% on other items, customers will earn “Verizon Dollars” (VZD) and can use them to pay their bill or buy devices and accessories in the shop.
At AKQA, we were tasked with creating the Reward Center in the My Verizon App tp accompany the credit card. The Reward Center's purpose is to help customers understand the value of the card and incentivize them to keep using it.
The Overview
The Overview tab serves as a home base that both informs and inspires users. With an at-a-glance view of their Verizon Dollars balance, as well as quick calls-to-action for redemption and a preview of recent activity, the Overview is truly a one-stop shop for Verizon Card customers.
The Learn tab provides users with educational content to help them understand how their card works, how much they can expect back in VZD, and how to take action to put rewards in their hands. This experience is simultaneously engaging and educational, featuring imagery and suggestions for making the most of the card, as well as quick access to important FAQs.
Research shows that customers think of their unfinished goals often, and they work harder to earn points when they are closer to completing their goals. Users will not only use goals to engage with the app more, but feel empowered that all their purchases, both small and large, are within reach and that much more exciting.
Tracking Earnings & Activity
The Activity tab shows all of the user’s transactions, including both their purchases with the card and their VZD redemptions. An interactive graph allows users to toggle between weekly and monthly earnings, while a longer timeline organizes their transaction information into a detailed line-item view. With tools like these, users can rest assured knowing they always have access to the information they need.
Redemption is an exciting moment for users to see real discounts and pick up real products with their rewards. Whether a user is redeeming to their bill or in the shop, the experience feels easy, enjoyable and completely transparent about the real value they’re getting back.
Staying Engaged
The MVA feed is powerful communication channel that allows for personalized, actionable messages — which makes it an ideal platform for engaging with rewards. We can show users a variety of messages through their feed, from generic promotions that apply to all customers to highly-targeted informational cards that let them know this experience is tailored to their needs.
Additionally, One of the best ways to create a delightful habit for Verizon Card users is to use notifications to proactively engage them in their rewards experience. We can send generalized informational messages to help users do more with their card, or send customized messages tailored to user behavior. 

Verizon Rewards Center

Verizon Rewards Center

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