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R6 Siege In-Game Experiences

Rainbow six Siege most important in-game experiences I've been involved in designing.
Role : Main UX Designer (2017 - 2018)

Pick & Ban was designed to add some depth in Rainbow Six Siege competitions.
By banning operators from each side, each team will change the opponent tactics and oblige everyone to learn more operators,  more strategies.
Start screen of the Ban Phase
Before the Pick & Ban, players were changing side every turn. But to reinforce momenta, we introduced role swap after X amount of rounds, which let players use theirs tactics with one role multiples times before switching.
The Pick and Ban also introduced the possibility for each team to "Repick" an operator. After revealing both teams to the opponent, one change per team would be allowed, trying to trick the opponent by doing so.
Complete Ban Phase and then Repick Feature during the Six invitational Finals 2020
Parts of this new designs included to revamp some of our existing flows.
The teams switching at a certain amount of rounds, the split of the planning phase, Flows having to exist for players and spectators in two different displays and wording.
Role : Main UX Designer (2017 - 2018)

The observation tools is essential to Rainbow6 Siege to gather intel or help teammates. The first version of it could only display a limited amount of tools and the split and navigation between them was not really obvious.
We introduced, with Jean-Baptiste Hallé, new gameplay and navigation by groups, updated management rules of tools and new shortcuts to navigate in it.
The new tool has been flexible enough to let designers create new operators based on it and was a game changer for complex flows for operators such as Maestro or Echo that can have multiple special drones.
Role : UX Designer on some Signs & Feedbacks on few operators with Shiho Mizutori (2016 -2017)

Lion & Finka for Attackers / Alibi & Maestro for Defenders
Interventions on HUD Feedbacks mostly.
Blackbeard Shield Equipment
Role: UX Designer on some HUD Elements with Marc-Antoine Proulx (2016)

Outbreak was the first event ever in Rainbow Six Siege. I helped on the relations between objective log, Main messages on screen, Sound FX and Objectives prompts
Thank you for reading!
R6 Siege In-Game Experiences

R6 Siege In-Game Experiences

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