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R6 Siege Portal Experiences

R6:Siege Operators Landing Page 10.12.2020
Since 2015 Rainbow Six Siege keeps evolving for the best, being now considered as one of the best shooter in its unique genre.
Rainbow six Siege most important menus experiences I've been involved in designing or directing.

Role : Direction and Design Follow-up (2020)

Year 5 has been the evolution of our playlists display.
Designed and developed by the Ubisoft Barcelona team, it brings comfort and lots of information for players to understand rules, settings and compare playlists.
It also unifies the display with the previously designed Ranked Exposition by Emmanuel Larive.
Rainbow Six Siege Playlists 10.12.2020
UX Design Credits: Pablo Rincon; Cecilia Pasquali
Additional Direction Credits: Toni Da Luz; Alexander Karpazis & Aurélien Chiron
Role : Direction and Design Follow-up (2019 - 2020)

The Battle Pass was a new design meant to reward players for their playtime and give progression elements to a game already live for a few years.
The idea was also to use the Battlepass as one important element to tell the lore of Rainbow Six Siege to our community. Through its items, story and short films, players would be able to get a better understanding of the constantly evolving universe of Siege.
Rainbow Six Siege Playlists 10.12.2020
UX Design Credits: Sebastian Gethke
Additional Direction Credits: Toni Da Luz; Alexander Karpazis, Aurélien Chiron and Frédéric Masson
Role : Direction & Main UX Designer (2018-2019)

During Year 4, the amount of operators in-game reached a point where we had to revamp how to showcase them in game. As we believe operators and their sides are the essence of the game, we also took the opportunity to reinforce the split between attackers and defenders.
Rainbow Six Siege Operators Landing Page 10.12.2020
The main goal was to emphasize the operators, real heroes of Siege.
As of this moment, their faces were displayed in menus.
Another goal was to simplify the operator acquisition that was previously a really long flow, calculations per CTUs and was making it quite impossible to compare them.

We did a lot of user testing for this update as it was an important part of the game that we were updating and some of the early concepts we came with were pushed or updated quite a lot.
Rainbow Six Siege Operators Album 10.12.2020
Player HUB
Role : UX Designer (2016 - 2017)

I've been working on parts of the Player through time:
The messaging for this new player HUB as well as the dynamic play button and the way to display events in a second time.
The button was meant to give comfort to players re-launching the same playlists quite every time by keeping memory of the last one played.
Operation Neon Dawn Player HUB - 2020
Emotes, Uniforms and Elite Skins
Role : 1st UX Designer work on Siege (2016)

Addition of uniform and Elite Uniforms items in the Shop.
Also had to be reflected in Operators Equipment flows where uniform and headgear were tied together so the flow should explain it correctly to the players.
R6:Siege Dokkaebi Elite Uniform 10.12.2020
R6:Siege Elite Equipment Confirmation 10.12.2020
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R6 Siege Portal Experiences

R6 Siege Portal Experiences

Rainbow Six Siege has evolved a lot during its lifetime (5years now !). It saw many new features and improvements of existing ones improve all d Read More