On-demand delivery and pick-up of everyday items, from local merchants to customers
Role : UX Designer, mainly on CMS and participation to the Mobile and POS Tablet design (2015-2016)

From 2014 to 2016 I worked as a UX Designer at Paysafe, anciently FansEntertainment, on Golo Products and In-seat delivery solutions for sports and shows venues.

Golo are a local-stores delivery services proposed across different platforms:
- iOS and Android applications for customers to order.
- Web-based CMS, a POS tablet app for merchants to set their stores, receive and manage orders.
Golo iOS application - Source : Golo Facebook Page
Role : Main UX Designer for CMS and mobile applications (2014-2016)

Golo was based on services built by Fans, the company Paysafe acquired in 2015.
Fans was proposing in seat delivery for venues such as Bell Centre for the Canadians team, Videotron Center and the Formula1 in Montreal.

I have been working as a UX designer on the mobile applications for these clients, trying to build applications and a CMS that would fit to different type of venues and sports.
Screenshots from the Canadians In-App system from FansEntertainment
Designing the application and CMS for venues was really challenging regarding the time management.
Not two sports, concerts and other shows have the same management of time, and we had to find a systemic way to set notifications, venues and product availability depending on the moment of a game.
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