Recipe website built for SEB, to push their own cookwares.
The Original site does not exist anymore and seems to have evolved to an application-based one.
Role : First Experience as a UX Designer (2012)

The experience was based towards the opposition of recipes users owned "My Recipes" and the ones they followed "Their Recipes".
The complete website was originally designed based on that opposition, alignments and structure being mirrored depending on the visited section.
Le Foodle Website (2012)
During those 8 months, I worked on 2 main updates :
The "most popular recipes" flows and the "ingredients replacements".

For each of them, we were working on the flows, wireframes, user tests (scenario, running the test, analyzing results, iterations) as well as functional specifications.
Wireframes and detailled specifications from the most popular recipes. Omnigraffle.
Explorations & Paper prototype for comments sections.
Thank you for reading!
Le Foodle