Prix de l’information au citoyen sur l’espace public juin 2012 avec Brian Béduchaud
Émetteur de la distinction ClearChannel, ville de Nantes http://data.nantes.fr/appel-a-projets/

Offering reading content that matches travel duration

The objective of this project is to provide to public transport's users, free reading downloadable content to make their travel more enjoyable. Using data from urban public transports (Stops locations, average travel time, …) we think we can provide articles, reviews, magazines, etc. that matches the length of their journey.
User Journey
Highlighting a city/district’s identity

Mira would be a participative service : each user could share documents by uploading them through a website. Thanks to geolocation, those documents would after be downloadable from where they have been written, or uploaded. Reading user documents according to their location will highlight the identity of a city or a district.
Defined Personas
Printed version of wireframes
Detailed wireframes for opening of a document
Detailed wireframes for a main website for the project
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