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Orange Shop (December 2020)
UX design missions, employed by Degetel
For almost two years, I've been working for Degetel, most of the time at Orange Village.
The two main missions I've been involved in were respectively about improving user experience on Orange customer accounts and the redesign of the online shop.
Orange Online Shop Revamp

Enhance usability
The goal was to revamp the online according to the main issues reported by the customer services and the evolution of mobility offers.
We wanted to make sure that users were going to understand all the possibilities to connect their mobile devices and be able to make a choice for their own activities.
Orange Online Shop for Internet in Mobility, 2014
Intuitive inputs
The different onboarding terms being unknown by most of the targeted users, the architecture had to be based on uses and specifications rather than technical or commercial terms first.
From 5 to 8 unclear call to actions to 3 main entries.
Orange Online Shop 2014
Mobile Flows
Revamp of the existing
Each part I've been working on also needed to redesign the existing version for mobile devices.
Web-App for Selling internet in mobility
Thank you for reading!
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