Dialogo. An essay on sound and language

Fine Arts
After Effects

       is an essay on sound,
           language and it's visual representation.

         The encounter of two voices which nurture the beginning of a conversation.

References for the Sound Scapes.

     An unintelligible conversation, with no      defined language, based on sound art.  

Sound design process. Notebooks Elim Rufat of Banjo Soundscapes.

         Two voices, two dualities:
Technology & Nature.    
      Chaos & Order.            


Programming routines and improvisation. 
Patterns within chaos. 
Technology glows, it’s light.

We built 4 devices which are able to 
translate human voice into movement.




NO ≋ NEONDA (2020)

dB ≈ RPM. 
Sound intensity (dB) connected with neon rotation speed (RPM).

This is the voice of nature and order, 
or the control of what cannot be controlled.

From a poetic point of view, the voice connects language with the classical elements of nature (🜁air, 🜂fire, 🜃earth, and 🜄water) through concepts such as graphic notations and sound sculptures.

In order to “organise water”, we test how     different patterns are created by changing the frequencies of the different phonemes.


  Earth becomes clay, 
fire transforms clay into ceramic, 
           and ceramic into a phoneme.

Direction BLO QUE
Concept, photography direction, 
and production design BLO QUE
Banjo Soundscapes

Special thanks: 
Bureau Mad, Iván Llopis, 
Elim Rufat, Lorenzo PUY, Koke, 
Fransen et Lafite & Foilco.

Dialogo. An essay on sound and language

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Dialogo. An essay on sound and language

Ceramic carved phonemes, petal-made equalizers, neon oscilloscopes, water and soil as graphical notations, dichroic reflections on sound surfaces Read More