Nissan LEAF Postcard
Message:  The Nissan LEAF is a completely new type of car.  Just the fact that it has no tailpipe or transmission makes it unlike any other car in history.  The LEAF creates a very small ecological footprint, thus blending in with nature.

Concept: I wanted to play on the name LEAF, but I didn't want it to be too cliched.  This car can be likened to a leaf in that it creates no air pollution, little noise pollution, and doesn't rely on petroleum to run.  

Images: I wanted the car to blend in with nature, but stick out as being unique, interesting, and perhaps thought-provoking.  I found a really nice, simple background with the tree and grass in silhouette.  The leaves of the original tree sort of form a car's silhouette too, so that's what prompted the final imagery.  

Font: Simple, clean, modern, with little overall footprint.  Just like the leaf.  Also, I wrote/arranged the sentences in a way that subtly hints that the shape of a tree itself.

Tools: The car itself, I used the Quick Selection tool to get as close to the overall car shape.  After refining the edges, I creating a work path out of it.  I then used the Pen and Direct Select tools to zoom in and refine the path further.  The car originally faced in the opposite direction, so I flipped it, but I had to keep the words "Zero Emissions" printed on the side of it readable.  I used the Clone tool to make the colors of the word patch and the flipped car blend with each other.  I used adjustment layers to color the car and sky a leaf green.  Then I used Multiply and Soft Light layers with the leaf detail to create the leaf texture on the car.

Challenges: I went through a TON of ideas.  I'd start on the imagery, and then at some point throughout my work, I'd take a step back and think that it wasn't right.