Game Design | design and development
This was a project during my second semester at IDC. The aim was to come up with a game for specific age groups. The game, Double Block is a challenging game targeted to an age group of 8years and above. It is fun to play the game as it involves both, strategy and luck. The game usually lasts half an hour, although it has the possibility of stopping in between and declaring the winner. Double Block has been designed to accommodate as many players possible! The winner is the one who collects maximum pieces by building a long chain. The packaging and the hardware was also designed and developed to market the game.
Double Block - a whole new level of fun!

Raahi is a traveler's game where modes of transport are used to gain and lose points. The main punch of this game lies in the fact that the board of the game is created by placing the strips strategically. So each time the game is played, the whole game board changes. Hence it is fun to play the game repeatedly. The hardware and packaging of the game interests the players.
Raahi - a traveler's game