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    Travel guide to Berlin.
Noun: A mark (¨) used over a vowel to indicate a different vowel quality, usually fronting or rounding.
Verb: Modify (a form or a sound) by using an umlaut.
I used this definition as inspiration for this project, I saw Berlin as very much a German City, but has undergone a certain change throughout the years. Just like the Germanic Umlaut which is used to modify the sound of a vowel, Berlin seems to be this accent of German culture.
The Umlaut for the logo is represented as just the two dots ••
Umlaut Berlin is an alternative travel guide to Berlin, it's a personal project completed whilst studying at university. After visiting Berlin and being completely inspired by its history and style I wanted to record my own experiences and encourage others to explore and keep note of their own journey. The travel book comes with a set of post cards and a note book, designed to be the perfect travel companion. 
The font used is Din Engschrift. A Germanic sans serif. It was important to me to appreciate the history and traditions of Berlin, but also combine this with the quirkiness and style the city celebrates now.