Photography by Lars Scharl
I specialize in action sports such as mountain biking, snowboarding and cliffdiving. Having a pretty broad background in competitive sports myself, I have a close relationship to the various kinds of outdoor activities. I love to be outside - somewhere on a mountain, waist-deep in powder snow or crouching beside some dusty bike trail, looking for the best angle.
The pictures below show a selection of my work. Enjoy! :)
Max Weickl spins a nice cab540 into the evening sky at Obertauern resort, Austria. I remember this day as the best powder day I ever experienced... we had to take a little detour around a mountain top to get to this spot but it was absolutely worth it - shoulder-deep powder that exploded all around you on every turn, perfect weather and a smooth jump... can't ask for more!!
The next two shots were taken at the 2008 Adidas Slopestyle competition in Saalbach, Austria. Timo Pritzel was the only rider to pull backflips over the biggest gap, the 16m "Macho Gap" ;) I was there to shoot sequences for the organizers but during the final run the evening sky produced such a killer light that I had to set up the big flash and have a friend shoot a single shot while I shot the sequence below. 
The shot above is one of my first shots with a SLR camera. I had bought a Canon 1D only some weeks before and took it with me on a skiing vacation. There I met Max Weickl by chance and asked him if I could photograph his powder kicker session. Best decision ever, as the result is still one of my favorite shots in my portfolio!
Once again a bike shot, once again an event shot. Together with Mattias Fredriksson, I covered the 2009 Out Of Bounds festival, one of the bigger bike events in Europe. He is one of my favorite action sports photographers and it was a really cool experience to work with him. The light was quite boring during most of the 26 Trix dirtjump-competition, but when the top3 riders had their final runs, the sun peeked through the clouds and created this wonderful late-evening atmosphere. The shot shows Sam Pilgrim with his most spectacular trick, a frontflip, which helped him win the competition.

The next photograph shows Falco Ruppert, a German downhill rider. I was on a South Italy trip with him and his brother Gernot in the spring of 2007, when we decided to check out the bike trails in Finale Ligure on an extremely foggy day. We had a bit of a hard time finding a good spot, but when we came to this little bump, I decided I had to take a closeup shot. It was a pretty close call because Falco almost hit me and/or the camera with his pedal but I think the result was worth it. In september of 2007 this photo won the first price in Germany's biggest sports photography competition for young photographers ("Wettbewerb für Sportfotografie", PCS Stiftung Berlin).
Antti Rissanen, a young Finnish MTB rider during a practice session in - 20° Celsius at his home spot in Kuopio, Finland...

At the end, some random shots "for your interest" :) I hope you liked this project!! Cheers from Germany!