The objective of this project was to design a furniture piece which drew on the forms and aesthetics present in the Net Zero Home designed by architect Shafraaz Kaba. Designed as both an indoor and outdoor use bench, it features a powder coated steel frame, weather resistant cushions and a oak seat.
I was fortunate enough to be given a guided tour of Mr. Kaba's home. There, I was particularly taken by the color palette in the house- neutral greys, blacks, dark browns as well as white, with occasional splash of color from various furnishings.
Deciding to do a bench for the project, I attempted to draw upon the overall industrial aesthetic found in the house to drive my design, which is reflected in the simple forms and obvious function. 
Sketch models were created to give better sense of the form, and to identify problems which would have to be corrected at the next stage.
CAD modeling and rendering allowed the fine tuning and finalizing of dimensions, materials and finishes of the piece.
Upon the suggestion of peers, I decided to change the design to allow its use in both an indoor an outdoor environment by adding a wooden seat as well as removable cushions.
Production of the piece was a relatively straightforward affair, with the welded frame being the most difficult portion of the process, involving the use of a welding jig. The cushions were outsourced to a professional upholsterer, and the wooden seat, consisting of two boards was relatively simple to produce. 
The final product embodies a clean, industrial aesthetic for the modern home. With the use of weather resistant materials and finishes, as well as removable cushions, the bench can be comfortably used in both indoor and outdoor settings.
Many thanks to Shaafraz Kaba for giving us the pleasure of touring his home for this project. More details about his Net Zero home can be found at:
Bench 01

Bench 01

Inspired by the Net Zero house designed by Shafraaz Kaba, Bench 01 embodies a clean, industrial aesthetic, making it an attractive piece for any Read More