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Homanities Site & App
Starting in 2020, before the pandemic era, I attended a course in web marketing & graphic design. The main goal was to develop a concept to encourage tourism and travel (nice joke, universe), so I created "Homanities": a way to meet new people under the same roof, travelling around the world.

Same place, same house, different people. That's the spirit that moves Homanities. The name is a play on word about Home and Humanities, depicting a place where you can feel like home, meet new people from other countries and, most importantly, a different culture.

The project takes a route into three different sections:
– graphic design [link]
web site & mobile app
– video [link]

Hope you will enjoy all the efforts puts into it.
Thank you already ❤️

Project most crucial part was the website. I've done a lot of research to understand better what put in it. The first thing you are going to see on the site is a Call To Action to book your next journey, and this has a double function:
– new clients can understand instantly what the company do
– former clients can immediately book their next Homanities journey instead.

Scrolling down, you'll see the explanation of how Homanities works:
– book (prenota)
– travel (viaggia)

– meet (incontra).
The start of Homanities Journey in just three words!

This age is social-centric, and the thing that we use the most online are hashtags. The official one to share your Homanities experience is #Homans, a play on word between Humans and Home. This part of the site shows different stories shared online by the client it-self through the social.

There's no need to repeat it, Homanities wants to create meetings between different people and culture. But what if a person wants to travel with us and it's too shy to do it alone? "travel with a friend" (viaggia con un amico) is our answer. Go to your first journey with your favourite person: a friend, your special one, or even your brother, why not? We got you covered!
In the last part of the site, there are two Call To Action:
– "start your journey" (inizia a viaggiare); words that invite the visitor to "book now" (prenota ora) its travel with Homanities
– "Come and Meet new points of view" (vieni a conoscere nuovi punti di vista) a subscription to our newsletter.

In the end, there's the footer with useful links like the site map, social link contact, and several pages for an in-depth explanation of what kind of travel you can do (viaggia con noi).
One course class was about App UI design. I created a mockup of Homanities app main pages. As always, I used the brand palette for the app colours.

/ Login
You can log-in with your e-mail or, if you prefer, one of your social accounts. 

/ Personal profile
The first thing to know when you meet a person is its name and how to pronounce it. At the name right side, there's the icon to hear the pronunciation.
Scrolling down you can see the short bio, a more in-depth personal description (piacere di conoscerti) and the “Homanities Places” (luoghi di Homanities) that shows all the places that the person already visited with Homanities.

/ Home list
You have a list of the available house which from you can choose. For every place you can see who already booked it, to know better who you are going to meet.

/ Host-Home Profile
Once you click one house on the list, a new page opens. Now you can look at the house photos, the host can create even a 360° panoramic of the rooms; the host profile, a short description of the house (descrizione casa) and the calendar that shows the days of availability, plus all the contacts.

Thanks for watching ❤️

Homanities Site & App