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    Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy
This Is Horrywood
This is Horrywood
Too blind, not me
I've seen the scenery
You're not, I am
Palm trees, blue skies
Blown out, snake eyes
Is this too much too understand?
Sweet Suga Honey
In my heart .. boldly 
Sweet honey, go in
Shall I whisper sweetly ?
Feel me up! Make it up!
Sugar double shot, lose yourself!!
Snow Flower
As I watch the first snow flowers of this year right now,
In this moment that we share together, I want to give you my all.
Do you know of my heart?
Beautiful Target
Oh my Beautiful Target
You zoom zoom my heart like a rocket
I’ll give all my love to you
Keep Calm and Be The Queen
I could be a queen someday
I'll never throw my dreams away
My little niece ( Kla ) ask me to draw her Idol, so this is Hanggini she is Indonesian Little Idol
Pretty Girl Swag
Get out the way! 
Yeah we comin through.
Red bottom jeans walkin' in them Jimmy choos 
That ain't really nothin you should wave around to
I'mma drop it, lock it, pop it, like a kangaroo 
I see you bitches dressin like me, doin what I do
Swagger, jagger, hatin cuz I am the truth
Teresha Bathroom
This is my friend Kepala Kardus cute Character
Blue Petite
Dream in blue
Je rêve en bleu
I dream in blue
Lorsque je pense à vous
C'est entre bleu et blue
Dream in blue
Je dream en bleue
선물 ( Present )
The most beautiful moment of my life is…
… When I loved you after meeting you
Now I know that you’re the biggest gift of my life
You, who grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the dark
Even when I’m struggling, I can smile because of you
Even when I fall down, I can get back up because of you
You are the only one in my life, that will never change,
Because my love for you is eternal