So I just watched a TED Talk by Austin Kleon about originality, and as a designer, I can relate to what he's talking about.
"There's nothing new under the sun"
Whether we like or not, I think almost all of design idea that exist today is an iteration of older idea that's already been done before. Even an idea that seems fresh, can be date far and far back. So in our times as a designer / creative people, intentionaly or not, I believe we all have performed an act of thievery.
But here's the thing; we shouldn't just steal, we must also improve, we must change things according to it's relevancy. We combine, we break things down and arrange it again according to how we see fit. We steal, and we make it truly our own; We design.
We have stole ideas, maybe we're doing it right now on our current project, and we will likely do it again in the future. If so, then we might as well steal them like an artist.
So here's a little something I made inspired by Austin Kleon's TED Talk.