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Homanities Video ADV

Starting in 2020, before the pandemic era, I attended a course in web marketing & graphic design. The main goal was to develop a concept to encourage tourism and travel (nice joke, universe), so I created "Homanities": a way to meet new people under the same roof, travelling around the world.

Same place, same house, different people. That's the spirit that moves Homanities. The name is a play on word about Home and Humanities, depicting a place where you can feel like home, meet new people from other countries and, most importantly, a different culture.

The project takes a route into three different sections:
graphic design [Link]
web site & mobile app [Link]

Hope you will enjoy all the efforts puts into it.
Thank you already ❤️

One class of the course was about video editing. The main goal was to create a thirty-second spot to advertise the brand idea. The video opens with shots of different places, like Germany and Ireland. The narration follows three different groups of people, in a relaxed and friendly way. In the end, I used the smartphone flash to close on the logo.
The motion design spot is a personal one instead. I used the background from the brochure and the ADV poster, and I created the video in Blender 3D. Here some style frame.

Thanks for watching ❤️

Homanities Video ADV


Homanities Video ADV