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    Handmade airbrushed poster for Moby DJ appearance at Decibel Festival 2013 ©Junichi Tsuneoka
I was invited to design a poster for Moby's DJ appearance at Decibel Festival. Each invited designers designed a poster for the band that is assigned by Festival Committee. All the posters are going to be exhibited in the gallery in Seattle. This is music, art and design combined festival and I wanted to honor the concept, thus I created hand stencil, hand airbrushed poster. I only created very limited 5 posters. 3 of them were submitted for the event.
This is the initial digital comp for the design
Cutting stencil is very time consuming…
Set up the stencil and I am putting the first layer of color.
Peeling off the stencil, this is exciting part.
The second layer of color.
as a result, the poster has distinctive look and because it's hand airbrushed, every poster has it's own unique personality.