Langoš is one of the oldest and most loved street-food type food in Slovakia. Usually, an extremely greasy flatbread topped with sour cream, cheap ketchup, cheese and loads of garlic is how locals know this food. Founded by local gastro legends Lukáš Hesko & Robo Nagy the new LANGOS BAR concept brings a bit different approach. Sourdough langoš topped with pecorino, pastrami or shrimps are very unusual options but at the same time, shows countless options on how to upgrade this traditional Hungarian food. All of that paired with delicious drinks and the best natural wine from the region. The concept is located in the old market building in the historical part of the city. Although the space of the concept is not very big – in fact, it's only around 12 sqm – in cooperation with GRAU architects we created a place that has the ambition to create a spot for locals where they can hang out, but also "I must eat here." place for tourist visiting the city. 

Our approach was to create a visually strong and bold identity that can reinterpret this modern concept, but at the same time keeping the character of the concept authentic and easy to understand. We wanted to express the pleasure that eating langoš brings. We teamed up with artist Tomáš Rybár aka Sicknico to create a character that can represent these emotions. We create a fat &  happy face (being honest – langoš is not one of the healthiest, but for sure it is one of the most satisfying types of food). This face offers quite modular options and can express different emotions. In the end, we decided to use only the face version of the logo, because it has stronger expression the "logotype" version. We wanted to keep the colour palette very simple and the only colour that is allowed to use is red which create enough accent. The modularity of the logo reflects within the typography as well. We choose a typeface that has different glyphs variations that allow us to work with the text more flexible.

Čiken bar

In January 2021 the guys decided to temporarily change Langos bar to Čiken bar. The reason was full lockdown of the city and fried chicken is easier for home delivery. We decided to change the put a chicken mask on the face logo and change the colour from red to orange. 

Photography: Miki Curik Jr. | Interior: GRAU architects

Langos Bar