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OK Loft
OK Loft

Area: 136 m²
Year of realization: 2020
Architects: Cartelle Design
Photographs: Denis Krasikov
Project team: Anastasiya Struchkova, Denis Krasikov, Elena Burakova, Oksana Struchkova, Julia Antonova
Location: Moscow, Russian Federation.

          The apartment for a young couple in the center of Moscow. The project is based on a tandem of style and modern technology. The apartment are located in a new residential complex that recreates the classic loft atmosphere. High ceilings and huge windows, an abundance of concrete, decorative coatings, natural materials and metals in decoration create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere
The main goal of the project was to combine three separate apartments into a single functional space. In the center of the new layout is a spacious kitchen-living room. There is a full-fledged study behind a glass partition. In the bedroom - nothing more. In all rooms, a minimum of cabinets and pedestals were used to provide a lot of space and air. The main storage space is a spacious wardrobe. Also, several wardrobes were placed in the hallway.
Nastya once joked that the whole design was invented only in order to have a place to put the monkey tables. And there is some truth in this joke. These tables reflect the whole concept of the apartment. Simple modern forms, natural materials and a little frivolity in the form of monkeys, ducks, bright colors and decorative plaster in the style of “post-industrial apocalypse”. The ceilings in the living room area are concrete, unfinished. The TV area has decorative panels with stone veneer. The cooker hood is made of stainless steel.
The working room is separated from the living room by a glass partition. Above the closet is a cozy place to relax and read. A niche for a surge protector is thought out in the table and an outlet for the Internet is displayed. The tabletop has a built-in wireless charger for the phone.
Working on the project, we tried to make the apartments comfortable for all residents, including the cat. We placed the cat tray in the wardrobe bathroom. For the cat, we made a hole in the shape of a cat's face in the door and the side wall of the closet in the hallway. So the cat tray  is hidden from view as much as possible, and the fluffy has a comfortable place for solitude.
Working on this project showed us that we shouldn't be afraid of problems, because they often become a source of good solutions. We started work on the project before the completion of the residential complex. The project was ready and we were about to start field supervision when it turned out that the developer had installed additional ventilation shafts right in the center of our kitchen-living room and shower room. The news shocked the entire team. It was necessary to redo the project in a short time. We sewed communications in the living room into columns, with which the living room became even cooler. And the redevelopment in the shower room made it possible to find a place for the washer and dryer, which had moved from the dressing room.
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OK Loft
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Multiple Owners
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