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    Rainbow Bastard
Rainbow Bastard
"I Learn to appreciate the rainbow after cursing the rain. It's like loving again after experiencing pain"
This is some of my artwork that has a touch of the rainbow, both in terms of color,
the title and the meaning of my artwork
Lady Friday
You’re tired from the frustrating daily routine, you’re living in a boring time
If you’re tired of the same days, then throw it all away
No no, forget your image, jump jump, jump to the top of the world
Enjoy the night until the morning comes
A Goose's Dream
One day I will pass over that wall
And be able to fly
As high as the sky
This heavy thing called life can’t tie me down
At the end of my life, on the other day that I can smile, let’s be together
Poker Face
I wanna roll with him a hard pair we will be
A little gambling is fun when you’re with me 
Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun
And baby when it’s love if its not rough it isn’t fun!!
Isn't It Beautiful ?
When I was lost during the painful separation, you helped me letting go of that foolish me
With you small hands, you held me and you trusted me. I love your kind heart
In my eyes, there is only you
Train tracks through the desert
Sad eyes, little puppet
You don't listen, 
You do not exist.
Happy not to notice.
The room retracts the focus, 
Where you cannot see.
Reflections from within
Spring Summer Fall Winter
Spring... it came like flowers blooming
Summer... our love burnt like the sun
Autumn... we made out love bright like the sunset
Winter... our white world