In 2007 Buick and Lexus had something in common. A report from J.D. Powers tied them for dependability. And when that happened it was big news. It was some of the best non-paid for advertising Buick has received in a very long time. So the concept was pretty simple. "Buick is in the news." And the print concept that Buick choose was my very literal idea. Let's rip the news to shreds. It took some doing, but eventually NY TImes allowed us to use old content and alter it to look like each Buick was breaking out of it's confined space and shredding the news.

By the time the print hit the stands everyone was talking about it. For the OLA all we had to do was get permission from various publications to use exact quotes.

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Brand Essance
During the course of any brand sometimes it needs a refreash or even a rethinking to ensure it remains relevant to consumers.The video above was one of many essance videos developed by Digitas Boston to help direct creative teams in a new direction. An effort to find a new visual language and tone for Buick. This was not a commercial exectution, just pure imagination for brand inspiration.