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fashion designer :: Carlotta Actis Barone
jewelry & accessories designer : Patrizia Berti at RiciclArt
fashion manager :: Manuela Corti
fashion stylist :: Ambra Carboni
wardrobe assistants :: Ariadna Missdiva, Luam Wolday, Zhara Shubber

photography : Marco Joe Fazio
production manager / art director : Strawberry Love
1st assistant photographer : Debora Palazzo
tech assistant photographer : Alex Curtis

behind the scene video maker : Yasha Hindine
assistant videographer :: Ryan McLoughlin

make-up artists : Yelena Konnova & Laura Moss
hair stylist : James Langan

models : Adele, Ianthe and Zoe @ MOT model agency
Shoot entirely on location in a dismissed factory in East London.
Carlotta Actis Barone Spring/Summer 2014