Projections of Myself
This typography piece is very personal to me, as it exposes me in more ways than one. To show the intimacy of this piece, I not only “projected” myself outward through personal narratives; I also used an actual projector to do so, and the physical space that I used was my own body.
The typographic story that I created is all a play on words. The phrases that I use relate to the body parts that I show; my arms, for example, have the expression “I will catch you if you fall.” This, and all of the other phrases that I use, reveal my characteristics and thoughts that aren’t initially seen by those with whom I interact.
After creating typographic mockups, I carried out the project physically: I used a projector to project the type onto my body, and then had a friend photograph me while I was holding each position. Then, I scaled the photographs down to small 5” x 7” pieces in black and white. I also added a 2.5” white border around each photo to emphasize the intimacy of the space.