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Elsaha Social Media Brand Identity
Elsaha Brand Identity

Elsaha "الساحة" means the square in Arabic language. It is an online brand that started on social media as it's the new medium to engage with youth and new generation in Egypt since it's the new way of consuming news articles and stories in a daily basis.

Elsaha is part of MBN Digital which provides original reporting and interactive posts on Facebook and the other social media properties. These networks deliver accurate and objective information on the region, American policies with a broad range of perspectives and an open dialogue on issues of importance to the audience. MBN operates under a grant from USAGM.

The main concept of this brand identity was "different patterns and different colors represent different faces and diversity of Egyptian people”. 

Later, we decided to keep one main color with different shades which is the royal blue so the brand could stand out in the crowd at least in the beginning since we were starting new brand. The blue color is also associated with so many aspects of the Egyptian culture while light blues can make it more friendly.

The patterns will also play very essential role to strengthen the brand since they are very dynamic and pleasing to the eye, it helps to create unique identity and it could represent different cultural events “Ramadan, Christmas, etc”

Once the mood board got ready I was able to come up with couple of ideas for the logo

I started sharing this with my stakeholders and the team who works on building the platform, and started getting good feedback

Variety of posts, transitions, website, mobile app, print, outdoor, stationary, social media elements and more have been implemented to make sure we cover all the editorial needs and requirements.
This video is used as a reference for the patterns animation concept only!
Elsaha Social Media Brand Identity

Elsaha Social Media Brand Identity


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