Swerdlin & Co.
What We Do:
Swerdlin & Company is a full-service employee benefits firm.
Our Industry:
Financial & Insurance.

Top Three Things to Communicate through our Logo:
#1 - Integrity, Trustworthiness
#2 - Creative, Thought Leader
#3 - Expertise, Experience

Our Target Audience:
Financial advisors, attorneys, CPAs, human resources and financial personnel. In addition, employees who are recipients/beneficiaries of a company's retirement plan (highly educated, professionals in industries such as construction and manufacturing.
Color Preferences:
Purple, Burgundy, Green, Teal; in addition to dark blue
Additional Information:
We want to make sure that Swerdlin & Company's new logo is not close in style to its two primary competitors.
Property of Swerdlin & Co. - Copying is strictly prohibited and punishable by law.
!!! Just a mockup !!!
Credits to www.pixeden.com
Credits to www.pixeden.com
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