Kids canoeing on a lake lose their paddles and turn to a more important, pleasant past time in this short commercial concept.
Laypeople of a small mining town outwit one another, neighbors, God, and the local ordinances, in an effort to protect their only meeting place, the church, from closure by the soon rumored, visit of the Inspector. Period 1920. Basedon an original stage play. 
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THE VIOLIN HUNTER -  epic drama
An epic tale of passion set in the 1800s.  A young man is secretly commissioned to uncover the hidden treasures of Cromona Italy, and restore to the world the greatest stringed instruments ever made those of Antonio Stradivari.  His search leads him across Napoleon’s war torn Europe in a quest that will bring him to the woman he loves, and the secret passion that occupies his very soul. Based on the bookby William Alexander Silverman. 
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BREAKING FREE - a true story
Based on the aerial photography of Judson Brohmer.  
An arrogant screenwriter struggling with his own marriage interviews the widow and children of famous aerial photographer, Judson Brohmer  only to find himself attracted to the widow.  But through the process of putting the story on paper, he becomes enchanted with the hero and begins the process of wooing his own wife back to him.  Breaking Free is a heart wrenching story of loss, struggle, victory, and love.
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DANCING UNDER THE RED STAR  dramatic adaptation
A mesmerizingepic drama and shocking true story,
Dancing Under The Red Star is the riveting account of Margaret Werner Tobien—the only American woman known to have survived the ruthless brutality of the Siberian slave labor(death) camps, for 10 years, in Stalinist Russia during World War II,eventually escaping and returning to the United States of America.
Officially sponsored by theHenry Ford Motor Company—in 1932, eleven-year-old Margaret Werner leavesDetroit with her father and mother—Carl and Elisabeth Werner, in an effort toescape the growing famine and poverty in America.  Upon their arrival, however, they quickly realized the starkreality of this fateful mistake—when faced with unbearable living conditions,horrid famine, widespread persecution, and untold suffering under the oppressive and ruthless Stalinist regime. On the horizon, Russia wages war with Finland, and the country begins to falter.  Dancing Under the Red Star is based on the book, by Karl Tobien.
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E W Helmick with his bride of 27 years in their 12 seat screening room
Men and women train under brutal - life threatening conditions in Colorado's bolstering Clear Creek.