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    FUTU Magazine / mobile app
    FUTU app is another element of FUTU platform that allows you to keep up-to-date on the latest information devoted to the design, architecture, fashion, food, culture and social phenomena. 
    The app includes extended versions of articles published on FUTU Paper monthly magazine 
    and the website FUTU.pl as well as exclusive materials marked with the FUTU quality label. 
    Comfortable and well designed application not only provides easy access to the most interesting content, but also the pleasure of using the most modern alternative to the printed edition. 

    Client: FUTU Group
    Founder: Wojciech Ponikowski
    Managing Director: Damian Bieniek
    Web Developer: Tomasz Jakowski

    Agency: Ars Thanea
    Creative&Design: Piotr Bajtała
    Lead Designer: Mateusz Karasiński
    Business Development: Tomasz Szymański
    Management: Piotr Bajtała
    iOS Developer: Mateusz Łudzeń

    Download: App Store
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