This is another Adventure Time fan art piece I made for my cousins and friends that I see on fridays. This one was actually a request as my cousin Jamel who wanted to see us with a bunch of weapons.
So this is it, a kind of circle of characters each with the specific weapons that the asked me to do.
Aaron with his double handed sword
Jamel with 2 katanas
Kelsey with "Awesome daggers"
Shane with an "Cool elven bow, like this one" *send picture of the bow*
Me doing some kind of kick with sword on my back
and my favourite... Zoe with "A cute cat that fires lazers from it's eyes"
I called this piece 'The cave of the Lich' due to his ghostly appearance behind the characters.
One of my favourite things about this is the army of evil minions that are gathering around the team, It took me a few seconds to quickly draw it free hand but when blured it looks pretty neat!
Thanks for watching y'all!