Continuing our close association with the brand Fabelle, we are delighted to showcase a collection of various variants in the fabelle exquisite range.  A job that entailed creation of product label artwork visuals.
The whole thing had to be created in CGI with each element being rendered separately in layers.
This job showcases our commitment to detailed Food CGI work and our expertise in developing such intricate and delicate visuals.

Client _ Fabelle by ITC
Agency _ Dentsu, Bangalore
Art Direction & Client Co-ordination _ Krishna Maheshwari
Modeling & Texturing _ Kiran Batle  &  Devesh Arvind Nigam
Lighting & Shading _ Navin Phalke
Post Production _ Shrikant Jakkula  &  Navin Phalke


Fabelle Almond Pack
Fabelle Gift Pack
Fabelle Xs Pack
Fabelle 20gm Pack
Fabelle 4 Variants
Clay Renders
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