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Movie Poster composite
This project was created for GIT 334. We were asked to create an original design of a “commercial” or “advertising” nature using a combination of the following techniques: 


Inspired by Netflix show “Dark”, I created a poster for a fictional movie called “Lost”. The movie revolves around a kid who’s lost in a parallel universe or alternate universe. I took a minimalist approach to showcase the concept of the movie. The design is a composite of 6 images which I retouched to make them blend in together.​​​​​​​
Techniques Used:

1- Compositing

The poster is a composite of 6 images which I retouched to make them blend in together. I used blending modes and masking techniques to create the final composite. At first, I started with the door image, and I removed the part that I wanted to place another image in by masking. The girl image is what took most of the time because it required isolating the girl from the background. I then duplicated the girl and used a gaussian blur filter to make her blend in. I also created a shadow of her using the transformation technique. I used blend modes for the rest of the images. 


I used retouching because the composite isn’t enough to make the picture look realistic. I applied plenty of adjustment layers to make all pictures have the same exposure and effect. I also added highlights with the brush tool and blend modes to give it realistic look.

 3- 3D

I wanted to give the movie name a special effect that makes it pop out while still keeping the minimalist feel of the design. 
Final Product:
This project is for educational purpose only.
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Movie Poster composite

Movie Poster composite


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