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Project Requirements: Research usability, content, and information architecture with a small team and then redesign website for the client using Adobe Photoshop.
About the client: is a social music tracking service. It provides a way to track music habits, provide new music recommendations and meet other like-minded individuals online.
Research Method #1: Surveys to create Persona in order to make sure the redesign was based off this target audience's preferences.
Research Method #2: Card sorts with users to determine how they grouped website links without context. This helped us determine how information architecture would need to change.
Research Method #3: Review heuristic checklists as recommended by leaders in UX, the Nielsen Norman Group. This helped us determine which areas required more attention. We decided to tackle Home page, Navigation and Trust/Credibility.
Research Method #4: Review sitemap to determine hierarchy structure and decided to use a bottom-up approach because it reflected how links were sorted in the card sort.
User Excerpts: Users were recorded while voicing their thoughts out loud to help reinforce our redesign plans based on their first time using
Nav Redesign: Based on user feedback, some items were renamed so that the user would know what to expect on the next page.
About ----> Home
Live ---------------> Trending
Music -------------> Explore Music
Events ------------> Find Events
Features ----------> Blog
Home Page Redesign: The About page was moved to the landing home page in order to improve description of service and provide user clarity.
Search Page Redesign: The search page used to be bright and stark after visiting the home page, now the design follows the dark mode and has better opportunities for confusing ads.
Explore Music Page Redesign: The page used to be bright and stark, it has been updated to keep in theme of dark mode.
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