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    typography experiment
Introvert's typography 
Objectives : To visualize abstract concepts that were rarely interpretated with visual language.
Key words : concept / characteristic of people / introvert / hiding / erasing / typography / verbal language

‘ Introverts hide their thoughts.
Hiding thoughts is just like hiding texts of a book. ’
This project is a study of typography using characteristics of the introverts.
Its inspiration came from a book ‘Quiet’ by Susan Cane. While reading the book,
I found a characteristic of the introverts that tend not to express their thoughts.
Not expressing thoughts is just like hiding some parts of the texts of the book.
To execute my concept, I literally started from hiding or erasing some alphabets on the book.
For example, if I were to erase ‘a’, I would hide all ‘a’s of the open page of the book.
Inspiration book - 'Quiet' by Susan Cane
Making of introvert typography