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Positive Pay Product
Help protect your business from fraud.


Areas of Expertise
UI, UX and Design

Web and Mobile


Develop a new landing page for California Bank & Trust’s Positive Pay product, a suite of tools designed to help businesses prevent fraud by the early detection of unauthorized check payments and Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions. 

Users should be able to learn about the product and reach out to a banker for more information. A/B testing will be performed with a different variation of the hero section to see which results in more conversions.


Step 1 | Strategy
Using our current product web page, I brainstormed with our Digital Marketing Manager to analyze the features and benefits that our users would want to know about. I then met with our product team to confirm the accuracy of the content and ensured the photos from my moodboard were on target with our audience, which are small to medium-size business owners.

Photo Moodboard

Step 2 | Wireframes
I developed wireframes with some product content and Latin filler for a variety of initial landing page mockups.

Long Format Wireframe
Compact 2-Column Wireframe
Compact 2-Column Wireframe

Step 3 | Design Review and Final Results
I met with our project team to get feedback on the wireframes, including a Creative Director, copywriters, a developer, digital team members and internal stakeholders.

Our team decided that the long format option of the landing page with more content would be more likely to result in higher conversions.

Using our existing brand colors, I created final high-fidelity mockups of the desktop and mobile variations of the landing page.

Brand Colors

Control Landing Page (Desktop)
Our control hero section included a small summary of the product under the header. The test variation below includes a small bulleted list of product features instead.

A/B Test Variation Hero Section (Desktop) ​​​​​​​

Mobile Landing Page Mockups
(control on left and test variation on right)

Programs Used
Adobe XD   |   Illustrator   |   Photoshop

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