The Idea
Mitchum is an anti-perspirant that keeps you dry. In fact, Mitchum only does dry, seriously dry. So when we were briefed to create a campaign for Mitchum, we decided to launch an attack on wetness. We called it, Drymageddon.
We created an arcade-style flying game on Google Maps. With an arsenal of aircraft and weaponry, people could destroy the biggest culprit of wet in South Africa - the suburban swimming pool. The more they destroyed, the greater their chance of winning a trip to the driest place on earth: the Tierra Atacama desert.
Game Play
Mitchum’s Drymageddon challenged people to navigate Google Maps in a variety of aircraft, destroying swimming pools.
People could choose their aircraft, each of which came with its own arsenal. As a person increased their score, they unlocked faster aircrafts with better weaponry.
Using a crosshair, a person could target a pool, click to destroy, and their chosen aircraft would fly in and drop their chosen weapon. Each bomb dropped left a smoking crater behind in Google Maps, which other players could see, so no pool could be bombed twice.
Over 43,000 people joined Mitchum’s Drymageddon, successfully destroying165,167 swimming pools. People spent an average of 18 minutes playing the game, with one keen recruit playing for 9 hours straight. The pool riddled suburb of Northcliff has ceased to exist. And overall, we’ve proved that Mitchum only does dry.
Seriously dry.


Executive Creative Director: Chris Gotz
Creative Director: Nicholas Wittenberg
Art Director:  Martine Hazell & Justin Enderstein
Copywriter:  Alex Holmes & Cuanan Cronwright
Designer: Fred Cilliers
Motion Designer:  Andrew Pullen
Head of Development: Umar Jakoet
Developer:  Ross Symons & Darius de Witt
Digital Producer:  Yolanda Snyman
Managing Partner: Adrian Varkel


The Assegai Awards: Bronze Websites
Google Creative Sandbox
Mitchum's Drymageddon