This series of flat 3D illustrations are direct re-bounds of the work of @yvesgabrielso.

I used the sketches of Ygso to train myself on 3D modeling.
As you can see I am still struggling and my techniques are not exactly on point,
but I really do like what I came up with (which is kinda rare).

Through this series I tried to depict a personal interpretation of the seven spectral colors.

As stated previously, original sketches are made by the Paris-based tattoo artist Ygso.
Huge thanks to him for letting me work on those wonderful flashes.

Check out his incredible work on Instagram: @yvesgabrielso​​​​​​​
Original Sketches: Y-G So
3D Re-Work: Thibaut Crepelle
Bonus: Some people asked for an animated version of the lavaboi, here it is:


A series of 7 illustrations, picked from the work of Ygso converted to 3D flat.