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Brand Identity for Spathis


This project is about re-building a new visual identity and image for the Egyptian beverage Spiro Spathis.
 Spathis, the owner of the beverage company, mainly used natural fizz water as the main component for his products. As much as obscure, the current fame of Spiro Spathis' products currently are in Egypt, it used to be one of the most popular beverages back in the 20th century; standing toe to toe with beverages like CocaCola and Pepsi. That is why I chose such an iconic and classic beverage as my project topic for creating a new identity, where I used certain selling points such as : product quality, taste, history, variety and the classic image if a bee that was on the original logo. Also I had to implement an ancient Egyptian culture coat for the image outcome, since it was a huge part of the original identity. It was also considered to be a beverage that, mostly the upper class community members whether it was a famous artist or a famed aristocrat, enjoyed as a common high quality beverage; hence the high quality and sophisticated identity mixture I made for the project. I consider the outcome for this project has been truly unique to me and I quite enjoyed the process and I think it will help in putting the beverage brand back to the light, hopefully give it back the place it once had in 20th century as a classic egyptian beverage, and ultimately reach out to the whole world. I hope you enjoy, thanks in advance!​​​​​​​




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Brand Identity for Spathis