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Packaged In Pollution: Case Study

Packaged In Pollution
Restaurant Industry Recycling Conference 2020

The Packaged In Pollution annual conferences goal is to teach and advise restaurant
owners about more sustainable practices; what they can do to reduce waste and
optimize eco-friendly procedures into their daily work lives. 
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Research Fact!
"The total generation of municipal solid waste (MSW) in 2017 was 267.8 million tons (U.S. short tons, unless specified) or 4.51 pounds per person per day. ...and more than 139 million tons of MSW (52.1 percent) were landfilled."
                -United States Environmental Protection Agency

First things first, do plenty or research. I'd discovered that an individual produces just under 5 lbs of waste per day! This is astonishing and honestly pretty shocking and that's not even on the same radar as restaurants and other food industry businesses that have to throw out their leftovers at the end of the night instead of using them for something greater. 

It matters because creatures are losing their homes and the atmosphere is growing thinner and thinner with each passing year. We’re polluting our planet and destroying so many natural wonders because of overconsumption and the need to please customers before anything else. At some point there will be no turning back. There needs to be more alternatives and sustainable methods for packaging and running a business not only in the food industry, but all over the country. 


Getting down to business I needed a good name to motivate me and give me an idea about where to start. In the beginning stages I started off by listing some words that I wanted people to take from this conference should they ever experience it. The words were informative, educative/supportive, engaging, and relevant. From there I had some ideas about names, but ultimately I knew that this was just a starting point and I would most likely change them in the future when I started working on the logo prototypes.   
The Makings of the Logo
Once I had an idea of where I was starting, I went ahead and began some early sketching of any possible logos. I really tried to focus on something that people would easy be able to associate with food and recycling. I did my best to stay away from any major clichés, but I had to get a few out of the way first! 
Narrowing It Down
After Narrowing it down to three images that I thought were strong I went ahead and created some simple illustration tests. From there is was easy for me to see which logo better represented the message of the conference while also being intriguing. 

From there all it needed was some refinement and color!
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The Booklet
Once I gathered up all my info and decided on a style I wanted to pursue I went ahead and started making the booklet that would be handed out at the start. This includes schedules, a list of speakers, and even a map. 

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Of course once you have a design project its necessary to advertise and create some marketing. Some of the best marketing techniques are the ones that no one expects. For this project I decided that 3D sculptures as trash/recycling bins would be an effective way to grab peoples attention. So I went ahead and started drawing up some sketches to get a rough idea.

In this case the sculptures are shaped like miscellaneous dirty food containers, all as big as a normal thrash bin. This is sure to get their attention!
Packaged In Pollution: Case Study

Packaged In Pollution: Case Study