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    Breaking the constrains of typography by combining a love of baking to my type.
As part of one of my 3rd year projects i decided to experiment with typography. My project was Handmade exploring this through typography. I wanted to push the boundaries of type and experiment by creating 3D typograpahy. I wanted to use an unusual material, one that you wouldn't expect to made into letters. I first made a victoria sandwich sponge cake and cut the letters to spell Cake. This worked very well but i had to use block type so the cake would be strong enough to stand up on its own. I then decided to move on to cookies because i could have more control of the type and be more experimental. I started with plain cookie dough, it was easy to free hand cut my letters out of but i forgot that i used self raising flour so when they were baked they spread and created this distorted bubble effect. I then moved on to gingerbread because i loved the rich colour you get and i could make it without self raising flour so it would hold the shape of the letters.