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    Drawing books for "Preparatoria la Salle del Pedregal"
Drawing books
Dibujo II & Dibujo constructivo
For this project I had to make two books almost from scratch, I was given the text and some exercises but I had to look for a way of illustrating all the concepts, as I didn't want to make a drawing for every single thing, I decided to make it very simple and use type.
front cover
Back. This illustrates the basic concepts of the book
example of the interior, I illustrated each rhythm with the caption itself: for illustrating the rhythm by rotation I rotated the caption "rhythm by rotation"
each chapter had a cover that I had to do with black and white and type only. For the color cover I used gray to represent color and I made an analogy with a white beam of light through a prism
The other book is about technical drawing, I used an isometric grid in the front cover